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I think I said I'd write a proper gig report for this but I'm not sure I'm up to writing a proper anything so I'll just post the pictures and a bit of random rambling.

So this was last Thursday. I got to the venue some ~45 mins before showtime. I knew a couple of people I sort of know were going to be there, too - J the GV bass player and this girl I know from a Finnish music forum. I never saw the girl, met J briefly at one point but then lost him again because I wanted a front row spot and he didn't really care. I tried looking for him again after the show but couldn't find him. Oh well.

Danny started the show with a solo set of Anathema songs. Deep, Fragile Dreams, Internal Landscapes, Untouchable pt 1, Are you there?, Flying, and the Pink Floyd cover High Hopes. After the first song he said something about changing the setlist a bit and playing something... eh, I can't remember the adjective he used, but basically the idea was something faster... And then he plays Fragile Dreams. Yes, Danny, such an upbeat song. Made me giggle. Internal Landscapes was something I hadn't expected to hear live - but damn, it was awesome. Especially the ending lines; For I was always there, and I will always be there. His voice... Anyway. Untouchable pt 1, not much to say except that it was exactly as good as it should be. Are you there? has never been one of my very favourites (although somewhat more so after I found out that it's Danny who sings it on the album, too) but it's a beautiful song and made even more beautiful in a live situation because Danny. Flying was obviously great, and High Hopes damn near killed me. I mean, the way he sings the chorus. You perfect, beautiful person.

Anyway then Anneke came on stage and played solo for a while. I must confess that I didn't know many of the songs she played. Just Circles (which is from her latest solo album) and Time After Time (cover). But it was quite enjoyable anyway, she's got an amazing voice and she's such a beautiful person as well, with lovely sense of humour and good communication with the crowd. She seemed to find Finnish men amusing. (She's right. They are. Really.) She said that she'll be coming back to Finland with her band in May I think, and I'll probably go see that. And then Danny came back on stage and the party started for reals. They were amazing - again, I only knew the Anathema songs they played, really; A Natural Disaster, Parisienne Moonlight, Untouchable pt 2. Anneke's voice in those especially, damn. Danny praised her singing abilities on several occasions throughout the set, and all of the praise was completely deserved.

Memorable quote of the evening; after the last song Anneke said something about going to change into more comfortable shoes and then coming back to meet the fans, to which Danny said, "Yeah me too, I'll just... go put my ego in a box and be right back!"

Mr. Cavanagh, it should be illegal to be so adorable.

Anyway, pictures!



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Feb. 7th, 2013 10:17 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hijack this with totally unrelated things, but as the Token Finn that I know, I told a friend I'd ask you some general questions :) See, my friend and her fiance are planning one last trip (not sure when, but in the fall sometime, like Septemberish maybe?), and they're currently deciding between Copenhagen, Stockholm, and maybe Finland, but they don't know much about Finland. I sort of figured if they got to a big city they'd be able to visit a couple different countries so it doesn't matter much, but apparently the price differences between the cities is a factor- like if they flew into Copenhagen they couldn't afford to go visit Helsinki or whatever... So, again, they don't know much about Finland. They're sort of leaning towards Sweden for a few reasons, but I told them I'd ask about Finland, like is it easy to travel around from place to place? What are the tourist things to do? What are the not-tourist things to do that tourists should do if they knew about these things? (I hope that sentence makes sense!)

Or, would you recommend they do go to somewhere else and try to travel into Helsinki for a night or two? Any thoughts you have would be appreciated :) Thank you!!
Feb. 11th, 2013 08:06 pm (UTC)
Meep! I'm sorry, I did mean to answer this but I saw it just as I was leaving for the weekend and then forgot all about everything.

For city vacationing, I don't think we have anything that could compete with Stockholm or Copenhagen. But I guess, if the aim is to see different places, either Turku or Helsinki would work, as there are ferry connections between Stockholm and either Turku or Helsinki. I'm not sure on the prices though (I tried to check but my Internet's acting up and the page is taking ages to load).

Turku should have a lot of history-related stuff worth seeing, as it used to be the capital during the Swedish reign. I love the Turku castle, it's something I'd recommend to anyone visiting Turku for the first time. And it's a beautiful city in the summer, and September... well, the weather might be great and almost summer-y or it might be shit. It's a bit of a lottery, that time of the year. XD

I guess Helsinki, by virtue of being the current capital and the biggest city in Finland, has the most extensive shopping opportunities. (The only half decent book store in the whole country, too. Yes, 'tis a pathetic state of things here...)

Then, for hiking or nature kind of vacationing, we have a lot of awesome national parks of varying sizes, with hiking routes of all lengths, some you can walk through in a couple of hours and some can take days. But obviously these would all be some distance away from the city locations and would require travelling within the country.

...I'm not sure how helpful or informative this was, but if there's anything more specific I can help with, I shall be happy to try! ^_^
Feb. 16th, 2013 09:54 pm (UTC)
lol- And I'm sorry, because I read this, forwarded it to my friend, and then totally forgot to reply to you ;)

She said thanks for the info; it sounds like right now their plan is to stay in Iceland for 7 days and are still figuring out where else to go. I'm jealous of them getting to travel anywhere, it can be so expensive to get out of the States sometimes.
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