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Tuska photos

Festival report: Tuska Open Air

(Cross-posting from Tumblr because I wrote a more comprehensive report there than I intended.)

Well, one day of the festival. It was worth the overpriced ticket just to see Ihsahn and Leprous. (Is it overpriced if it was worth it, though? That sounds more like a philosophical question so fuck it.) Also, got a Wintersun shirt for Sina. (He’d better like it or else…)

Ile gets lost, is rescued by Russian metalheads, finally sees Leprous live, meets Ihsahn and gets sunburnt.Collapse )

Tonight: Ghost Voyage here in Tampere.

I think I said I'd write a proper gig report for this but I'm not sure I'm up to writing a proper anything so I'll just post the pictures and a bit of random rambling.

So this was last Thursday. I got to the venue some ~45 mins before showtime. I knew a couple of people I sort of know were going to be there, too - J the GV bass player and this girl I know from a Finnish music forum. I never saw the girl, met J briefly at one point but then lost him again because I wanted a front row spot and he didn't really care. I tried looking for him again after the show but couldn't find him. Oh well.
For full report & pictures, clicky here.Collapse )

A Memory of Light; or, The End.

So, A Memory of Light, the last book in the Wheel of Time series, came out 8.1. and now, instead of preparing for an exam resit on Tuesday, I of course decided that this weekend was the perfect time to read it. I finished around 2 AM last night and then had a very random dream about a zombie apocalypse (completely unrelated to the book, I might add, but nonetheless entertaining).

I was right; I should have left the reread until closer to the release of this book. Now, with some characters, I didn't instantly remember where they had been by the end of Towers of Midnight. But, anyway, I think I'll just get to the point. You know the drill, spoilers under the cut.

(Also, like all of my book posts, this is public for a reason - anyone who happens across this and wants to discuss the book is more than welcome to comment or send a message; I don't know that many people who read WoT and am dying for someone to share it all with.)
Spoilers. Spoilery spoilers. You have been warned.Collapse )

Anyway - was this all? Probably not, but my mind isn't operating at full capacity right now so this will have to do.

It's been a hell of a ride.

Yay meme time.

The past year in the form of semi-relevant questions and answers. Stolen from 12daysofrain.

Clicky if bored enough.Collapse )


One more thing

So I'm sure you're all fed up with apocalypse jokes and quite frankly so am I... But this one was just too good to not share (only those of you familiar with MDB will get it, I'm afraid, but oh well).
In the immortal words of a fellow forum member:
"Well it’s doomsday, so if Aaron is reading this, can we stand up again now?"

Right, good night folks. :D

This Dead End of Europe...

So, yesterday I went to see Katatonia, + Alcest & Junius. I discovered that 1) Jonas Renkse does look like Sina. The likeness is uncanny, honestly. 2) There are some serious fucktards among Finnish males, not that this should be any news but I guess I've just been lucky enough to not run into too many in the past few years. 3) My camera is really, really shit (also not news, but until now I've thought it sufficient for casual gig photography).

Tl;dr of last night's Katatonia + Alcest + Junius gig.Collapse )

And now I'm just stiff and sore and bruised and I want to sleep for a week. And apparently right this moment my playlist ran out of Paradise Lost and found My Dying Bride and I am happy with this development.

Gardens of the Moon

So I started the Great Malazan Reread. I probably shouldn't have done this just before November, but... yeah. What's done is done. I've now finished Gardens of the Moon, the first book in the massive fantasy series Malazan Book of the Fallen, by Steven Erikson. Reading it felt a bit like coming home. I first discovered the series in 2008 - I remember I started reading GotM while I was visiting Split that February - and have since read the first seven books thrice, books 8 & 9 twice, and the last book once. I think. So this one will be my first complete reread.

Now, I think most people who read Malazan Book of the Fallen don't hold Gardens of the Moon in as high regard as the rest of the series. It was Erikson's debut novel, it was written almost ten years earlier than the rest of the series because it took him that long to find a publisher who wanted to take on such a massive series. It's full of tiny little inconsistencies, the characters aren't as well developed as later on. It has elements that make a seasoned malazanite roll their eyes in dismay.

Tayschrenn and the whole farce at Pale. Orfantal magically changes sex between GotM and his next appearance in Memories of Ice (this is fixed on some later editions, but in my copy of GotM he's still introduced as Korlat's sister). The K'Chain Che'Malle bone phones that Whiskeyjack's squad uses to communicate with Dujek, but which are never seen or heard of again in the series. Quick Ben being all theatrical, invoking "the Seven within him" to access his badass magics. The characterisation of Anomander Rake, or more precisely his relationship with Caladan Brood. The whole Coin Bearer thing being such a big deal. Tiste Andii eye colour changing according to their emotions..?


But I love this book. It's the first book in a series that I love more than is probably healthy to admit. And it's the most innocent book in the series. It has the elements of the Malazan tragedy, and it gives the reader a glimpse of the complexity of the world we've been thrown into... But in both respects, the "real thing" is yet to come. The real shit is yet to hit the fan. And also, on the upside, Erikson's characters have yet to show their absolute brilliance. This is where you can still get out if you want. Once you venture forth into Deadhouse Gates... there's no turning back.

Here be spoilers, mkay? For GotM and further books.Collapse )

And much, much more but I can't think of anything very specific right now so I'll just... move on to Deadhouse Gates.
Yes, I'm quoting Mr. Craighan again, so sue me. That just so happens to be the best way I've yet seen anyone sum up A Map of All Our Failures in one sentence.

I have to admit that I wasn't ready for this album. I know; I'd been waiting for it ever since the whisper of a rumour of a new album hit the Internet, sometime last winter. And even more so since they announced the name and the release date. But then, a few weeks ago (as some of you maybe noticed), Anathema happened, and I haven't been feeling proper doomy since. The new album has, however, done miracles in fixing that. In a good way.

Not a review. Cut for length and stuff.Collapse )
...For some reason, this left me wanting to listen to Evinta. And sleep. And considering it's 2:30 AM, me figures sleep is going to win this one...
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